Sample Mapping Tool

ISFIS launched the Advanced Mapping Tool in November 2013 to provide an entirely new way for school districts and public policy makers to understand school finance and other data-driven issues facing Iowa school districts.  This service is available with the Basic Finance Subscription.  Try out a demonstration version of our Advanced Mapping Tool below.

This version of the tool has a limited data set but is a fully functioning version.  The full version available as part of a ISFIS subscription and contains several thousand data points.  The full tool has not just financial information (of which there is much), but also demographic data and student achievement data.  The ability to correlate any two variables, show changes and trends over time, and also download the underlying maps, charts and data makes this the premier district level comparison data tool available anywhere.  We're always adding to the data and adding new data sources as they become available.  On the subscriber site we've also added a set of maps for Iowa County level data and a 50 state map for national level data