Student Learning Services


ISFIS works to support schools in student learning with best-in-class technology tools and the training and support necessary for robust implementations. 

EdifyAssessThis technology tool allows schools to assess student progress in, and staff implementation of, the Core on an ongoing basis, so student challenges can be addressed early and regularly.  Easily accessible standards based reports provide both graphical and numerical data that provide educators with the information to plan, guide, and differentiate instruction. Additionally, a lesson generator offers web-based, free tutorials in the math standards being assessed as supplementary math support.

School Improvement Planning & Implementation – ISFIS can help you integrate teacher leadership and compensation planning, 36 hours of collaboration, and peer review with district goals and initiatives.  This includes various teacher leader roles, plan structures and cost estimates.  We will help you analyze where you are and consider where you want to go next in your school improvement planning and implementation.

WritetoLearn - WriteToLearn™ is a fully automated online literacy tool for building writing skills and  developing reading comprehension for students  in grades 4-12. The program instantly assesses student writing by evaluating the meaning of  text, not just grammar and spelling. Students  receive personalized feedback, hints, and tips  throughout to encourage, instruct, and reward progress as they complete hands-on practice  assigned and monitored by their teachers.