Gaus Systems Workforce Calculator

ISFIS partners with Gaus Systems to provide a workforce calculator to assist finance offices with future payroll forecasts, collective bargaining costing, early retirement scenarios, employee contract total reward statements and much more.  Simpler to use than spreadsheets and cost effective.  Built especially for your business office, the Workforce Calculator offers the following:

Simplify Scenarios

Easily calculate Total Package Cost of any compensation & benefits scenario before and during collective bargaining. 

Quick Compare

Quickly compare different compensation & benefit proposals for each employee group. 

Employee Profile

Manage individual employee profiles that store information required to calculate labor costs. See how proposals affect them. 

Employee Outlook

Five year payroll forecast at the click of a button. See how the forecast impacts your budget.

Total Reward Statements

Generate employee statements to communicate the financial reward showing each employee's compensation, benefits & pension amounts. 

Data Exporter

Simply communicate updated employee information to your payroll system.
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For a demo, click here.  For more information about Gaus Systems, contact Marissa Gaal at (515) 251-5970 ext. #4.