Human Resources Services


Pre-Employment Check Program

What’s Their Background is an online pre-employment screening with results driven by 3rd Degree Screening and the Iowa Department of Human Services.  This program assists districts mitigate exposure to workplace violence, criminal activity, fraud, and negligent-hiring lawsuits, and comply with Iowa law impacting various classes of employees. 

Leadership Search

ISFIS and Grundmeyer Leader Search have partnered to help Iowa school districts recruit, interview and hire leaders that fit best with your district’s values and goals.  Grundmeyer Leader Search, with Trent Grundmeyer at the helm, conducts full searches and supports boards by identifying desired qualifications in candidates, recruiting highly qualified leaders who fit the school’s requested guidelines, and managing the overall hiring process.  With the partnership between ISFIS and Grundmeyer Leader Search, newly hired administrators receive access and insights into their district’s financial health and history through a comprehensive financial review with ISFIS personnel, ensuring a smooth and informed leadership transition.