School Energy Programs

Education Energy Group

ISFIS is pleased to announce a new program to provide natural gas to your school.  We diligently researched market conditions, services available from existing vendors, and certified vendors.  To help launch the Education Energy Group, ISFIS partnered with WoodRiver Energy, an Iowa Certified Natural Gas Provider, based in Denver, CO.  The WoodRiver Team has decades of experience working with school energy pools, and we found them to have the widest array of options for you to consider.


LED Lighting

ISFIS partners with Sitler's LED Supplies to help school districts acquire LED products at competitive pricing.  Implementing LEDs is the first step in reducing your district's energy usage and costs.


Renewal Solar Energy

ISFIS stands at the ready to help your district explore renewable energy projects.  The cost of solar installations has fallen dramatically in recent years, and it now pencils out for most districts in the State.  If costs are paid by the PPEL or Sales Tax dollars, the result can be the virtual elimination of electricity costs to your General Fund.