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What is Vitae?

Vitae creates an environment for meaningful conversations around the observation and evaluation process while empowering every employee to actively take charge of their professional growth.

Vitae, Silverback’s Professional Evaluation and Observation Platform, offers a revolutionary way to organize and keep abreast of instructional effectiveness.

  • Works on Any Device
  • Offers Multiple Evaluation Measures
  • Includes Portable Professional Portfolios
  • Individualized Learning Plans
  • Launches Ad Hoc Forms
  • Quick Status Dashboard Views
  • Centralized Location for all Facets of Staff Evaluation
  • Complete Walkthroughs, Summative Evaluations, Observations, etc.
  • Scheduling, Bulk Scheduling, Scoring, Sharing, and e-Signing
  • Customizable Forms, Templates and Rubrics with a wide variety of Field Types
  • Unique Tagging System tying every observation and note to the State and/or District Summative Evaluation
  • Tag to Domains and Standards in Real-Time


Educator growth powered by professional learning portfolios

Silverback’s Vitae is a complete observation, evaluation, and professional portfolio platform that can help school districts revolutionize the way they look at employee effectiveness.  Vitae’s dual system design provides Evaluation Management to guide the entire employee observation and evaluation process for any staff member.  Every employee is empowered with a Personal Portfolio, allowing professional portfolios to be built capturing personal success and reflection on practice.  Portfolios artifacts are even portable, and offer a current and historical view of all stored artifacts.


The Vitae Advantage

Vitae offers a 360-degree view of your entire evaluation process.  Radically improving efficiencies while enhancing the educational environment.


Vitae is a product of Silverback Learning Solutions.  Who is Silverback?

Silverback Learning Solutions is a company founded by a former superintendent and a team of lifelong educators.  We have one purpose – to deliver solutions focused on increasing individual student achievement.  “Any solution meant to have a meaningful impact on students requires the voice of the educator at its core.” – Silverback Founded, Dr. Jim Lewis (current Chairman of the Board).  Meet their team of current & former educators HERE.

Learn more about the ISFIS partnership with Silverback Learning Solutions HERE.


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For more information or to schedule a Vitae software demo, contact Susie Olesen.


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