Services & Training


ISFIS offers many optional programs & services in addition to those included with the ISFIS Basic and Policy Subscriptions.  View a sampling of those below... 

Advanced Mapping Tool - ISFIS launched the Advanced Mapping Tool in 2013 to provide an entirely new way for school districts and public policy makers to understand school finance and other data-driven issues facing Iowa school districts.  This service are available for free as part of the ISFIS Basic Subscription.

Budget Workshops – Each February, ISFIS, partners with Piper Jaffray and Iowa’s Area Education Agencies to provide face-to-face budget preparation tools and consultation. These hands-on workshops provide the opportunity for each district to prepare their individual annual budgets in just one highly productive day!

Conference – Join us in June each year at our annual conference to connect with school finance and policy experts. Learn about the latest trends in Iowa school finance, business and finance tools, activities at the legislature, and much more! 

Custom Board or District Workshops – ISFIS designs and delivers custom workshops for board members, leadership teams or community meetings to meet a district’s unique needs. We will provide the workshop for an individual district or groups of neighboring district boards, as requested by the school. Custom Workshop content has already been delivered on navigating change, understanding roles and responsibilities of the board, school finance and the financial position of the district, learning about sharing opportunities, presenting information to the public about pending levy votes, and more.  ISFIS will prepare and deliver new content topics as requested.

GASB 75 Compliance - ISFIS offers GASB 75 Compliance Services at significant savings.  A best in class AMM (Alternative Measurement Method) Tool is also available for small districts.  Schools using these services have reported back faster results, with fewer required adjustments, at lower cost than previous vendors.

And many other programs & services...