Training & Workshops


ISFIS offers many electronic training opportunities via webinar which are included with your ISFIS Finance Subscription.  Learn more about complimentary subscriber webinars under the Finance Subscriber content tab.  ISFIS also offers several in-person learning opportunities at a minimal fee (typically just to cover room and food costs).  In-person training is offered a discounted rate to Finance Subscribers over non-Subscribers.  View a sampling of these in-person training opportunities below and click on each to learn more. 


Budget Workshops

Each January & February, ISFIS partners with Piper Sandler and Iowa’s Area Education Agencies to provide face-to-face budget preparation tools and consultation.  These hands-on workshops provide the opportunity for each district to prepare their individual annual budgets in just one highly productive day!  Learn more about our ISFIS Budget Workshops.


CFPM Fall Workshops

Each Fall, ISFIS partners with Piper Sandler to host a series of workshops where subscribers will have the chance to complete an in-depth five-year projection model for their district utilizing the Comprehensive Financial Projection Model (CFPM).  Learn more about our ISFIS CFPM Fall Workshops.


Custom Board or District Workshops

ISFIS designs and delivers custom workshops for board members, leadership teams or community meetings to meet a district’s unique needs.  We will provide the workshop for an individual district or groups of neighboring district boards, as requested by the school.  Custom Workshop content has already been delivered on navigating change, understanding roles and responsibilities of the board, school finance and the financial position of the district, learning about sharing opportunities, presenting information to the public about pending levy votes, and more.  ISFIS will prepare and deliver new content topics as requested.  Learn more about ISFIS Custom Board or District Workshops.