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ISFIS Supplemental Policy Subscription Changes for FY 2022

For FY 2021, ISFIS Policy Subscribers had access to our Sample Policy Manual, receive Policy Boosters, and have available an online board/policy hosted website, in addition to policy question/answer support and research. Going forward, ISFIS will focus on the web-based hosting and the policy aspects that most closely align with school finance issues and include those for all ISFIS Subscribers through our regular webinars and other ISFIS supports. We will not be updating the Sample Policy Manual, but finance subscribers will continue to have access to the current version of the ISFIS Sample Policy Manual and previously issued Policy Boosters during the FY 2022 year at no cost. Expect these to become less relevant over time. We will always be available to answer policy questions from ISFIS subscribers.


We continue to offer the ISFIS Board/Policy Website Hosting Service, which includes hosting and managing the technical aspects of your online website, is completely searchable, provides an audit trail for revision tracking, and ensures your board, employees and community members always have access to your latest approved policies. Our customizable Board/Policy Hosted Websites also support posting of your district’s board meeting agendas, board minutes, board member photos/bios, and your district’s policies, all organized together in one location. We provide ongoing support to your team as you make content updates throughout the year, and we will be shifting our capacity to provide more user support. For FY 2022, this service is available for just $475 annually. If you already have a board/policy website with us, you can reach out to Jen Albers with any questions about your site or to make changes to your authorized content editors for FY 2022. If you are interested in learning more, Jen would be glad to talk you through our service and show you some examples of how it could work for your district. We believe our ISFIS Board/Policy Hosted Website service is an excellent alternative to other more extensive and much more expensive options on the market.


If you do not already subscribe to another policy update service through your local attorney, the Iowa Association of School Boards, or others, we encourage you to investigate the options for FY 2022. We will continue to be a resource on policy matters related to school finance through your ISFIS Finance Subscription. Give us a holler with any questions!



ISFIS Supplemental Policy Subscription (thru June 30, 2021)

ISFIS offers a number of services as part of its Supplemental Policy Subscription including:

  • Policy Starter:  Policy Starter is a Sample Policy Manual provided and maintained by ISFIS, in consultation with school attorneys, legislative and executive branch decision-makers, and school leaders.  The sample policies are available online to Policy Subscribers, are simple to use, and completely searchable.  The ISFIS Sample Policy Manual is broken down into manageable sections for ease of use and is updated as legislative changes are required for your reference.
  • Policy Boosters:  From new federal, state or administrative law to a continuous outpouring of state and federal court decisions, schools need to make sure the board is protecting the district, employees, and most importantly, the children served.  ISFIS Policy Boosters provide Subscribers with notification via email of recommended or mandated changes in policies with a description of the laws and rulings driving the changes.
  • Online Policy Manual Hosting Service - ISFIS offers hosting of your district's policy manual online free to Policy Subscribers.  This is a public-facing website where your school policies are accessible anywhere, anytime, by your board, employees or community members.  Authorized district personnel can edit the online manual so all stakeholders will always have access to the most current policies, which also creates an audit trail logging all policy revisions.  The hosted site is searchable to quickly find keywords across all policies, and allows for easy printing or downloading of individual or groups of policies.  Districts can begin with the ISFIS Sample Policy Manual or can upload their current custom policy manual to their new policy site.  ISFIS will handle all aspects of the website hosting (with no monthly hosting fees) and will provide a template mirroring the look of the district's main website.  The district can easily link to their new custom policy site from the district's current website.  The website can be up and running in just a few days, depending on your current policy format.  ISFIS will also upload your district's initial manual on behalf of your district for an additional fee.  The Online Policy Manual Hosting service is included with the ISFIS Supplemental Policy Subscription and is also available as a stand-alone service.
  • Policy/HR/ER Phone Support:  ISFIS Policy Subscribers also receive access to contact information for any questions regarding your district's policies, human resources issues, and employee relations.  This is an extremely efficient and inexpensive way to get quick answers to many of the routine questions about such things as open meetings, public records, and best practices.  If a formal opinion is required, you may request a referral or consult with your attorney.  Answers to many recent or frequently asked questions on policy issues are also noted on the policy website.
  • Policy Examination Consulting Services:   If your policy manual needs an overhaul, ISFIS will help your district locate an attorney who specializes in reviewing and updating your entire policy manual on a time and charge basis.  The review includes updates, specific recommendations on required changes, and best practices and flexibility available to your district.  Call us for a recommendation, especially if you have an accreditation review coming up in the future.

Contact ISFIS for information about becoming an ISFIS Policy Services Subscriber or Margaret Buckton for specific policy questions.




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