Enrollment Projection Study

Has Your District Performed a Long-Term Enrollment Forecast?

Identify and proactively address your district’s future enrollment to maintain a fiscally sound General Fund balance. A knowledgeable school district will be ready to strategically take action on projected enrollment trends that will affect its budget.

How ISFIS’ Enrollment Projection Study Can Help Your District

A fiscally sound General Fund starts with an ISFIS Enrollment Projection Study. This will allow your district to take proactive steps to meet the needs of the students your district will serve in the future.

  • A customized study of your school district’s population trends. The study will reveal the historical and current live birth trends, and the effects that it will have on your district’s long-term enrollment.
  • Projecting housing units is a measure of continued economic growth, which is a drive of enrollment growth.
  • Benchmarking projected open enrollment would allow your district to strategically identify a course of action.
  • Obtain information critical for facilities planning and sound management of fixed costs.

How ISFIS will Help Your District Improve Your Enrollment Forecast

  • Identify population trends that drive birth rates
  • Identify housing unit growth as a projection indicator of future potential growth
  • Forecasting your certified and served enrollment improves long-term budget planning
  • Identify live birth projections and trends
  • Proactively address your open enrollment projections to anticipate corrective action
  • Identify enrollment projections over the next decade

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