District and Classroom Assessment

EdAssess (formerly EdifyAssess) gives districts a centralized, online solution for creating and delivering standards-aligned assessments and reporting outcomes in a meaningful way. Learn all about EdAssess on the EdPower website.


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Download this ISFIS Memo on funding available to pay for school improvement tools. - Updated 2021


EdAssess is a product of EdPower

Silverback Learning Solutions announced its transition from Silverback Learning to EdPower, who's mission is to empower educators. EdPower's platforms are designed to serve as the foundation for effective instructional technology use by implementing award-winning tools that create valuable insights for teachers and leaders. Their intuitive cloud-based solutions allow educators to identify and infuse equitable practices that promote individual student achievement through actionable data. 

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EdAssess Benchmark Windows and Codes 2020-21

EdAssess Benchmark Assessment Schedule 2020-21

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