Comprehensive Financial Projection Model (CFPM)

The Comprehensive Financial Projection Model (CFPM), developed in partnership with Piper Sandler & Co., provides schools with a five-year future projection of district financial data such as property tax rates, unspent authorized budget, solvency ratio and a detailed aid and levy worksheet for the upcoming five fiscal years. The CFPM will also aid districts in planning, analysis, and discussion with school leaders and the community. Two options are available, a "do-it-yourself" BASIC MODEL, or a "do-it-for-me" PRO MODEL. Learn more from our CFPM Flyer describing the different versions.


CFPM Basic Model

The CFPM Basic Model is a do-it-yourself option available to download complimentary for ISFIS Finance Subscribers and Piper Sandler customers. The CFPM Basic Model, a checklist and instructions are posted on the ISFIS Subscriber website, and CFPM Fall Workshops are offered each fall to assist schools with setting up the CFPM Basic Model, on their own. Get started by downloading the Basic Model and viewing materials on the ISFIS Subscriber webpage. The next release will be October 2024.


CFPM Pro Model

The CFPM Pro Model is a do-it-for-me option available for $2000 for FY 2024, and includes setup of your district's model by ISFIS or Piper Sandler staff, enhanced scenario planning options and assistance, one-on-one discussion around your district's assumptions within the model, and a virtual presentation of your projection to district stakeholders upon request. Get started by emailing Jen Albers at ISFIS your request to become a CFPM Pro Model User. The next release will be available October 2024 after your certified enrollment is know. Pro Model Subscribers are encouraged to attend the CFPM Fall Workshops.



Contact Jen Albers at ISFIS or Travis Squires at Piper Sandler, with any questions.