Online Policy Hosting Service

Incorporate with ISFIS Policy Manual or upload your current policy manual. ISFIS will provide the template and web site. Online policy hosting  is a complimentary addition to our ISFIS Policy Services Supplemental Subscription or available as a stand alone service.  

Benefits Include

  • Completely Transparent - 24/7 accessibility by board members, staff, students, parents and your school attorney - anyone with access to the Internet can find, verify and understand the district's up-to-date policies and forms.
  • Free Hosting - Linked directly from your school's web site
  • Easy Editing - Make changes once, online. No need for board members to swap out old pages in a 3-ring binder.  Always up to date.
  • Audit Trail - Know when policies have been changed, and track who made the edits.
  • Fully Searchable - Most services offer limited searching within a policy due to limitations of PDFs. Policies Online is searchable across the entire manual. Also fully capable of being indexed by online search engines.
  • Complimentary Technical Support

Incorporate with ISFIS Sample Policy Manual or upload your current district policy manual.  ISFIS will provide the template and web site.  A simple training video is available and will allow you to be up and running in two days or less, depending on your current format.  Or just send us an electronic version of your manual, and we'll get it all uploaded for an additional fee.

No monthly service fees.  The service is included as part of our Policy Services Supplemental Subscription, which also includes Policy Starter Sample Policy Manual, Policy Booster updates to your manual, and Policy ER/HR Advice Line.  Policies Online is also available as a stand alone service for a reduced annual price.


Get Started

To get started, sign up here for online policy hosting or contact ISFIS for more information.