School Energy Programs


Iowa Local Government Risk Pool - Natural Gas Program

The Iowa Local Government Risk Pool (Iowa LGRP) is a 28E founded in 2019 by three originating K-12 Public School Districts in an effort to provide greater stability to school district budgets by pooling risks.  Iowa LGRP is serviced by WoodRiver Energy & ISFIS, with decades of combined energy service experience working with Iowa schools and local governments.

The Education Energy Group program provides natural gas services to your schools for a single fixed premium at the beginning of the fiscal year, which covers all natural gas services from utility expenses to the gas itself.  Learn more about Iowa Local Government Risk Pool and our Education Energy Group Program.


Renewal Solar Energy

ISFIS stands at the ready to help your district explore renewable energy projects.  The cost of solar installations has fallen dramatically in recent years, and it now pencils out for most districts in the State.  If costs are paid by the PPEL or Sales Tax dollars, the result can be the virtual elimination of electricity costs to your General Fund.  Learn more about renewal solar energy.